Full disclosure, Denis and I have collectively been playing guitar for the better part of a century. Through personal experience, we have both developed identical lists of likes and dislikes for electric guitar features. We both have a lifelong interest in electronics, guitars, music, and woodworking. We reconnected at a Christmas party our mutual friend Earl hosted in December 2016. We have a lot in common, had known each other through AES for several years, and had both recently moved to Cambridge, Ontario. Denis asked what I was doing, and I told him I was spending most of my discretionary time building my latest personal recording studio, playing guitar, and woodworking. All three merge my personal passion for  constantly challenging myself do do better; doing things I love; and investing time in active forms of enjoyable self-therapy.


Denis then asked me “Are you interested in making electric guitars,  guitar amps, and other audio tools?” I immediately replied “Absolutely:-)”, and that was the moment that Norfolk and Jarvis Audio Technologies started. So we combined our energy, intellect, integrity, resources, and skill sets.


We’re self-financed and build almost exclusively in house. Our collection of shop fixtures, jigs, and tools has evolved with equal parts of outsourcing and in-house design and fabrication. We use our knowledge of technology to our advantage to make things that we’re proud of; will serve us well; will inspire us; and will outlive us both. We personally source tone woods we can shape and finish by hand to highlight the beauty only wood offers. There is no shortage of mass produced expensive instruments. Our instruments and amps are our realization of what the best of these tools need to inspire and give guitarists an eloquent yet distinctively personal voice. We do this one at a time at a mass-produced price point. We think you deserve better value, and we know some of you agree. Happy Tuesday, and stay safe and healthy!