Our Audio Services

Repair & Refurbishment of Amplifiers & Associated Electronics

Norfolk & Jarvis offers the following services audio system services:

Located west of the Greater Toronto Area

For an initial assessment of scope and cost, please contact us with details of your job.

Audio System Design Consulting Services:

  • Customer needs assessment
  • System requirements
  • System topology

Sound Mixing for Live Events:

  • Musical presentations
  • Mixed media events
  • Corporate presentations
  • Shows running over extended time frames, such as theatrical presentations.
  • Multimedia events:
    • Mixed live and electronic presentations.
    • Live streaming.

For large-scale or hardware-intensive shows, we partner with event specialists in the K-W area.

Audio Signal Processor’ Model (application) Design:

We have deep expertise with Yamaha DME24 and DME64 signal processors:

  • I/O selection and allocation
  • Signal routing
  • Signal processing
  • Equalization
  • Calibration and tuning
  • Automation interface via General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
  • Automation interface via Yamaha Simple Communication Protocol

Audio System Tuning & Optimization:

  • Assess existing audio system EQ and gain scaling:
    • Report on system performance:
      • Current system status.
      • Possible improvements.
    • Implement changes and improvements:
      • System tuning
      • Hardware replacement/upgrades

For larger scale work, we partner with system contractors in the K-W area.

Interested in Hearing More?

For an initial assessment of scope and cost, please contact us with details of your job.

Repair & Refurbishment:

On a selective basis, we offer repair and refurbishing services for vintage amplifiers and hi fi audio hardware. From a simple re-cap to a complete refresh, we will be straight-up with you about the viability of your hardware for refurbishment.

We repair and refurbish:

  • Analog audio electronics
  • Vintage vacuum tube hardware: Our bench equipment includes a tube tester.
  • Vintage guitar amplifiers: Whether for complete restoration or a simple electrical clean-up and recapping.

We can:

  • Validate performance and provide measurement data: Our bench rig includes an Audio Precision audio analyzer.
  • Complete loudspeaker and system measurements: Our toolkit includes a measurement grade microphone (Earthworks) and SPL calibrator (Bruel Kjaer):
    • Correctly scale measured SPL values.
    • Assess loudspeaker sensitivity.
    • Conduct loudspeaker testing out-of-doors in anechoic conditions. (Weather can be a factor in scheduling tests.)

(Please note: We decline to conduct full power testing or any testing of operating limits. This form of testing runs too high a risk of damaging equipment.)