Electric Guitar Amplifiers

That Sound Right

What if guitar players made an amplifier?

Lightweight. Energy efficient. Beautifully finished.
Inspirational sound. Righteous reverb. Soulful tremolo.

Our Robust 30-Watt Amplifier:

  • Compact design, under 30lb (14kg) in weight.
  • Versatile tone control arrangement.
  • Electrically efficient and produces little heat.
  • Solid-state, all-analog design.
  • Six-spring reverb.
  • Beautiful fit and finish.

2 Loudspeaker Configurations:

  1. Classic single 12-inch configuration: Black Tolex with black grille-cloth finish.
  2. Double 10-inch configuration, featuring alnico magnets: Light-brown Tolex with brown grill-cloth finish.

The Old

The world of guitar amplifiers is dominated by the well-known brands. The sound and personality of those products was established more than half a century ago. As a result, the design and internal workings of these amplifiers remain variations on the fifty-year-old theme. Tone stacks are tone stacks; tube sets are tube sets; new and improved is generally not especially new.

Why not change? People assume that change cannot produce better results—that the desirable characteristics of the tried-and-true will disappear. And so we continue to lug around amplifiers filled with iron transformers and delicate glass objects—heavy amplifiers that use far more energy just idling than they can provide to the loudspeaker. Why are guitar amplifiers like space heaters?

The New

What if guitar players who knew a whole lot about analog design made an amplifier? What would they build? We built an amplifier that sounds right, is seriously lightweight, and uses energy very efficiently. Our amp provides classic sounds that recall the produced sounds on record with minimal fuss and bother.

This is not an imitation of a design from the past like so many boutique builds; we do not need to copy when we can innovate. It retains all the desirable features of classic amplifiers while avoiding the undesirable features.

Not an emulator, it’s a solid-state analog of vacuum tube designs. The signal path acknowledges the happy accidents that made the old designs so desirable, but in a controlled and reasoned way. Players first connecting to this amplifier will immediately assume it’s a vacuum tube device. It has the liveliness and interaction, the bloom and the harmonic complexity that classic designs have—not the dry or artificial character often associated with solid-state amplifiers. The all-analog design has none of the low-level fade and frizz of some digital devices. You can close mic it at low volumes with confidence.

Our Innovative Amp Design:

  • Six-Spring Reverb produces a lush three-dimensional sounding reverberation that brings to mind classic recorded sounds.
  • Tremolo produces the clearly rising-and-falling modulation that recalls grid bias tremolo from those revered small-tube amplifiers.
  • Tone Controls are calibrated for a mid-Atlantic tone; they can span a range from classic vintage American amps to British ‘class A’ designs.
  • Pre-Amp Gain Control can dial in a versatile range of saturation, from arctic clean all the way to the sweet overdrive of classic tweed amps.
  • Compact Combo Design is smaller and lighter than many popular combos; it speaks with a big voice, assertive and robust in tonality.
  • Boutique-Quality Fit and Finish: control panels and front panel escutcheon are figured wood panels, with chromed corner protectors at each corner.

Interested in Hearing one of our Amps?

Amplifier: Pre-production prototype front view.

Amplifier: Pre-production prototype rear view.