The Norfolk & Jarvis Reference 112 Combo Guitar Amplifier is a new direction in guitar amplifiers, a new and original design, not a copy of a design from 60 years ago.

Fully analog, it delivers the desired characteristics of beloved vintage amps in a lightweight and reliable combo.

An amp that has the touch sensitivity, bloom and reactive nature of respected tube amp designs without the hassles associated with tube amps.

The Reference Amp is a solid state emulation of vacuum tubes.  It does not have the heat or weight of traditional amps.

All discrete signal path.  Electrically efficient and runs cool.  PCB layouts done by hand – no machine component placement or trace routing.

Lush, deep, three-dimensional sounding reverb is a notable feature.

The tremolo has a deep and smoothly ramping trem that recalls the best small amp grid bias tremolos.

Thirty Watts into a Celestion Vintage 30 loudspeaker.  Twin ALNICO ten-inch loudspeakers available on special order.

Solid wood cabinet construction with distinctive wood control panel and front escutcheon.  Colour coded knobs are easy to identify in a hurry.

Available in black or tan Tolex with black or wheat grille cloth.  Other colours can be obtained on special order

Built, tested, measured, and shipped one at a time from our shop in Cambridge, Ontario 

MSRP = $2,599.00 CAD plus HST available now through one of our authorized Resellers