We choose to create solutions and solve problems. It takes commitment, energy, intellect, and integrity to build a community. Make Music Matter is on a mission to use the creative process as a therapeutic tool to help empower marginalized individuals and communities. We are inspired by Make Music Matter and are donor supporters of their ULTIMATE HOLIDAY AUCTION.

   One of our Custom Stereo Analog VU Meter Bridge Units is now up for auction with the proceeds of the sale donated in support of Make Music Matter. The reconditioned Modutec VU Meters have been inspected, cleaned, tested, and calibrated on our AP System One + DSP in our shop. The cherry stain Baltic Birch cabinets feature lock mitre joinery and three coats of satin clear finish.

    Bidding is open until November 30, and this Meter Bridge can be incorporated into most home and pro audio sound system setups. Happy Monday and please support Make Music Matter today! You can bid on them here: