We’ve always wanted affordable mini near field monitor speakers we could trust. So we decided to design and build some.

Our Mini Monitors are intended as reliable secondary near field monitor speaker system for your studio. They also work well as small scale home speaker systems.

They are based on a full range Eminence 3” speaker in a ported 3/4″ solid black walnut cabinet. We will build in other interesting woods as they become vailable to us, the result will be unique sets of loudspeakers.

Response is 90Hz to 15kHz. We recommend use of a power amp of 10 Watts RMS.

This pair are now on sale for $350 plus HST. The matching plug and play stereo power amplifier electronics package is slated to be available in 2020

Contact us directly at 416-322-5812 or at inquiries@norfolkjarvis.ca