Yesterday we delivered a brand new Reference 112 Guitar Amplifier to London Guitars in London, Ontario. We are fortunate and pleased to be partners with the experienced, knowledgeable industry veteran musicians at London Guitars! Denis & I are really impressed with their selection and the cordial service we experienced. Pictured is co-owner Boris Novosel holding a custom Thrasher Guitar next to the amp. Dan Thrasher is an accomplished local luthier, and a founding member and President of the Southwestern Ontario Luthiers Guild. Full disclosure…Dan, Denis and I are friends and fellow members of this local Luthier’s Guild.

 The Reference 112 Amp is our unique design of what we think a guitar amp should be. We build, test and ship them one at a time from our Cambridge, Ontario shop. So we’ll spare you the marketing hype. Trust your own judgement. Check out our Reference 112 Guitar Amp for yourself with the Thrasher Guitar, or one of London Guitars excellent inventory of new and used guitars. Better still, bring your own guitar. Boris, Bungee, and Stan will help you plug in, turn up, and experience the Reference 112 Guitar Amp for yourself 🙂