Electric Guitars. Guitar Amplifiers. Audio Tools.

Crafted with Passion & Character

Instruments crafted from raw wood, wire, and labour—from start-to-finish, right here in North America.

At Norfolk & Jarvis, we meld the best of modern science and technology with traditional woodworking techniques to design and create one-of-a-kind Electric Guitars with distinctive and robust tonality.

Our truly innovative Electric Guitar Amplifiers are seriously lightweight, very energy-efficient, and sound right.

Serious: With a Bit of Mischief

Truly playable instruments that inspire achievement and enjoyment.

We’re dedicated to providing the working musician and audio professional with instruments and electronics made in North America.

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What’s Happening at Norfolk & Jarvis

It is Tolex Tuesday at Norfolk & Jarvis

It is Tolex Tuesday at Norfolk & Jarvis

We hope you enjoyed your long weekend! Today was Tolex Tuesday in the shop. I needed a new guitar pedal board for gigging and for demonstrating the amplifiers and guitars we make. Last week I completed assembly and machining required before applying Tolex. Here is a...

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We are motivated by a love of, a passion for, and a hands-on commitment to our personal vision of making the best, affordable, custom-made electric guitars and guitar amplifiers we can.

We believe we have succeeded in doing so, and we invite you to check out our instruments and amps to see if you agree.

Blair Francey


I sought an enterprise to explore the more purely musical side of my technological soul. And here we are, building guitars, amps, and other worthy musical technologies.

Perhaps it will be history.

Denis Tremblay