Pictured is the body for Triple Guitar Serial # 736936G. This picture was taken after the final sanding, and this body will be buffed and polished. You can clearly see the pegboard holes reflection in the finish already. This guitar features an alder body with a bookmatched Bubinga top and a bookmatched Big Leaf Curly Maple back.

We make electric guitars one at a time in our small shop in Cambridge, Ontario. Our guitar bodies and necks are our own designs. We buy rough lumber from trusted local professionals who properly dry and store their wood inventory. We personally inspect and select every piece of wood we use to make our instruments, amp cabinets, and speaker cabinets. We use power tools for rough cutting and shaping, then complete the guitar building, finishing, assembly and set up by hand. Beauty, comfort, inspirational playability, rock solid construction, and superior tone are important to us. We know some of you want a hand crafted custom shop instrument without a custom shop price tag. We did, so we founded Norfolk and Jarvis, and now the wait is over 🙂