To me, being a good musician is about sounding balanced. I have found it easy to be ‘balanced,’ when I play into good equipment. This has been the case with the Norfolk and Jarvis Reference Model 112. It has a sense of flow to it. It just feels natural to play into.

From touch sensitive response, to the astounding volume that it puts out, and so many other key features like the shimmering and haunting reverb, the subtle but smooth tremolo, and the responsive and curvy EQ section, this amp will provide guitar players with everything they should need to produce high-quality sound, to really bring out the player you have been wanting to be for a long time. All of this in a solid-state amplifier.

As someone who really enjoys the sound of tubes in an amplifier, this amp blew me away with how it handles sound. It truly gives my tube amps a serious run for their money. I will no longer go to a show without my Norfolk and Jarvis Reference Model 112!

Riley Michaels