As Denis and I celebrate the third anniversary of our initial discussion that evolved into Norfolk & Jarvis Audio Technologies, here are our thoughts. Firstly, it has become an interesting adventure. We now know we can hand craft an electric guitar from start to finish within our shop walls that compares favourably to any vintage or contemporary instrument.

We also know that our guitar amplifier designs compare favourably to pretty much any amp out there. We know that we will stay true to our plan to make excellent quality hand crafted guitars, amps, and audio tools that knowledgeable players and professional guitarists can depend on and be inspired by on a daily basis.

We have made and sold a modest number of instruments. We have some new instruments in stock available for immediate delivery. The pandemic has slowed our growth and altered our plans, but we positioned ourselves to be financially viable and independent.

We love the history and the genius of those before us, we respect engineering, research & development, and science. We are woodworkers who take pride in shaping wood and wire into one of a kind electric guitars, amps, and other tools of music making.

Finally, we know there are no secret shortcuts to success. Since we love what we do, we focus on quality, not quantity. 2020 has presented great challenges but still some opportunities. On that note, we hope you and your family are safe, healthy, and staying inspired. We look forward to a better and happier 2021!