The Norfolk and Jarvis LaGrange Guitar is now on sale for $2,699 plus tax at the Galt Guitar Shop in Cambridge, Ontario. The price includes a tour grade Hiscox PRO-II-EF -B/S hardshell case.

LaGrange’s body has revitalized a 200-year-old barn floorboard, recovered from a southern Ontario teardown. The remnant of a square-cut nail adorns the back.

The wood of this electric guitar is light and stiff, with a responsiveness reminiscent of an acoustic guitar. The wood was well-dried and the pine resins apparently crystalized when it was shaped. The neck, pickguard, and hardware have been aged in appearance to compliment the body.

The pickups were hand wound in our shop to deliver that highly sought after late 50’s T style guitar sound so highly coveted by knowledgeable aficionados, collectors, and pro players. One experienced player recently remarked that our pickups sounded better than an original early 60’s vintage guitar selling for 5 times the price of LaGrange after playing both guitars. However, you should judge for yourself…visit the Galt Guitar Shop to see and play the one of a kind LaGrange Guitar today!.

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