Guitar pickups are simple things that are very complicated. A long wire, wrapped around a magnet is about as simple an electrical device as can be imagined. The result produces a complex tonal signature beyond any expectations the simple construction would suggest. I suspect that early pickup makers didn’t get very far beyond “sounds good” when analyzing their creations. The pickups had to fit the guitar, and they had to sound pleasant. You can do that with common bench tools and good ears. Modern engineering analysis tools and methods can tell the story of why these devices sound like they do, but in the end it still takes good ears to know they sound right.

   We want our guitars to sing with a clear yet distinctive voice rich in tone by any standard. Mass production just provides more of the same old. So we decided we would make our electric guitars one at a time and wind our pickups one at a time by hand. We are happy with the results and you can hear them on our Youtube Channel.

As the late great Maya Angelou stated, “When you know better, you do better”. Happy Wednesday:-)